The SmartLaw Recognition Scheme was launched on 1 March 2017 to recognise Singapore Law Practices (SLPs) which have adopted technology to improve productivity and increase business capabilities.

SLPs who have:

  1. adopted a practice management or accounting software;
  2. adopted an online knowledge management database; and
  3. an online presence (whether through a marketing portal or having their own dedicated website)

will be recognised as a SmartLaw SLP and will be allowed to use the SmartLaw logo on their website and marketing collaterals.

To apply for this recognition, please send to :

  1. copies of your SLP’s contract for the subscription or purchase of (i) the practice management or accounting software (ii) the online knowledge management database; and
  2. the url of your SLP’s dedicated website or marketing portal on which your SLP is listed.

Important Information:

  1. Your SLP should only use the SmartLaw logo upon receipt of the original SmartLaw certificate from the Law Society of Singapore.
  2. Please note that the Law Society of Singapore has the right to conduct yearly audits to ensure that your SLP continues to meet the criteria for SmartLaw recognition. If your SLP ceases at any point in time to meet the eligibility criteria, its right to use the SmartLaw logo shall cease simultaneously.

Download SmartLaw brochure here

Since the commencement of the SmartLaw recognition scheme, there have been 81 law firms who have successfully applied for and been awarded SmartLaw certification.

The following law firms have been SmartLaw certified as of 31 August 2021:


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